Eager Eddie

Eager-Eddie From an early age Eddie was always eager to lead the herd. He’d blow his little trunk like a trumpet and try to get the others to follow along with him, whether it was for a hot-summer swim, or a romp through the valley to scare the hyenas. Eager Eddy so wanted to become a great musician that he practiced for hours every day. One day Eddie was practicing when a curious little mouse jumped on his head to listen. Eddie, like most elephants, is deathly afraid of mice and tried to chase the little thing off with his trunk. He only succeeded in tying himself into a knot.

Eddy, ever eager, tried to blow his trunk like a trumpet but it sounded more like a kazoo. He blew so hard that his eyes popped out and red circles appeared. Nobody would follow him anymore so Eddy packed his trunk and came to the Insanimals farm. Elephants can’t untie such knots. We can’t either. We’re hoping somebody who loves music will adopt him, let him toot his kazoo, and give him lots of love.