Goofy Gilbert

Goofy-GilbertBecause of their long necks, most giraffes eat leaves from the top of trees. Well, Goofy Gilbert isn’t like most giraffes. On long days in the hot Africa pride land, Gilbert ate off the ground: grass, rocks, wild berries, tree bark, bugs, you name it. His friends thought he was so different, they started calling him Goofy Gilbert, and he didn’t seem to mind.

Gilbert isn’t the shiniest rock in the box. One day Gilbert decided to go to the tribal people’s area to find something better to eat. This was a goofy idea, since the tribal people saw him as a possible meal. As Gilbert ducked his long neck down into a simmering pot of stew, one of the tribe members shot him in the rear with a poison arrow. Gilbert somehow got away but he’s even goofier now, with red circle eyes and an awkward walk. Sometimes he sticks his head in the sand because he saw an ostrich do it. We think he’s a perfect fit for the Insanimals farm, and maybe for you!