Nervous Nelly

Nervous-NellyNervous Nelly earned her nickname on a remote South Dakota farm. She nervously mooed and mooed when the pigs ate her food or tipped her over at night. Nelly got so nervous she couldn’t fall asleep, and then she worried even more. When will the sun come up? Will the brown grass turn green again? And my goodness, will her milk be whole, skim, or 2%?

One night, before she had a big date the next morning, Nelly tied her hair into a nice bow and used red paint from the barn as lipstick so she’d look nice and pretty for her big day.

Well, the pigs had other ideas. Just as Nelly began to doze off, they snuck up beside her and tipped her over. After that, Nelly decided she’d stay up all night so the pigs wouldn’t tip her again. This made matters even worse and she ended up missing her date the next day. She hasn’t fallen asleep since. We hope that somebody takes Nelly home, gives her love, and shows her that a good night’s sleep will work wonders.