Zany Zed

Zany-Zed2Zany Zed took a long road to get to the Insanimals farm. Zed comes all the way from Africa, where as a young zebra, he was constantly teased by bullying lions, laughed at by hysterical hyenas, and snapped at by cranky crocodiles. There were lots of invitations to lunch (with him as the main course).

During those long, hot summers, it was tough for an awkward zebra to find a good meal. With the grass dying from the lack of rain, Zed turned to munching Bongo Berries, which grew nearby. All those sour berries turned Zany Zed’s lips bright red, and colored his eyes. They also made Zed a little, well, zany. He likes to stand on his hind legs and walk like a human. He also, at times, claims to be a horse in disguise. Zany Zed wants new friends like you! He loves attention, going for walks, or just sitting and talking about how he earned his stripes.